Software + Devices

Our Software + Devices program offers the software and/or app development in addition to the necessary technological devices for their companies.

Software Development


We work in close collaboration with companies, whatever their scope, to create business software products that increase productivity and accelerate data availability, respecting and complying with the necessary security standards for your company.


From connecting medical systems to clinical management solutions, HTWSI partners with some of the world’s leading providers of medical devices and software to change the way health care is delivered and complying with privacy standards and security at the same time.
App Development
Software Development


We collaborate with companies from all media and communication ecosystems offering products and services that define the market, from apps that allow consumers to enjoy the media on their mobile devices to commercial apps. As telecommunications and media services converge, companies in both ecosystems must adapt their products and services for a digital and smart market.


We apply all our experience to create computer systems related to the automotive industry. We cover all the automotive software components and we can offer you a wide variety of high tenconolgy products that adapt to your personalized software and company.
App Development

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